James Fisher is a trained illustrator who has worked his macabre vision professionally for over a decade.
He is the creator/artist of the popular DISFIGURES OF SPEECH comic franchise as seen in the pages of Rue Morgue Magazine from 2003-2011.

In 2001 Fisher created ZIRCO RESHIFE, a live act that successfully merges his visual talents with his skills as a musical composer.
He has performed as the opening act for rock superstars BLONDIE and
celebrity magician CHRIS ANGEL, as well as CIRCUS ORANGE as seen on Discovery Channel.

In 2003, James launched his first graphic novelette entitled THE TABOO FLOO.
He followed up with the internationally acclaimed clown duo MUMP + SMOOT's graphic novel CAGED.
Also in that time, he created a large body of theme-specific artwork entitled PHARMACIA MONSTROSITY, which were shown at multiple art shows.

Most of these works were made while touring internationally as the live Foley technician for the theatrical show Cirkus Inferno, produced by Daredevil Opera Co.
After a 3-year tour period, Fisher worked with Daredevil on an illustrated adaptation based on a story about the fires of Barnum's New York Circus Museum.

In 2004 James teamed up with RUE MORGUE founder Rodrigo Gudiņo to create
the live art-house theatrical piece NIGHTMARE PICTURE THEATRE
in which he re-scored and performed the music to the short film collection of the BROTHERS QUAY.
The production caught the attention of author CLIVE BARKER, which in turn inspired the personal homage soundtrack adaptation to Barker's novel ABARAT.
Fisher went on to collaborate with Gudino once again on a graphic novel adaptation of Gudino's first script WALPURGISNACHT.

In 2008 Fisher was approached to compose the soundtrack for the Canadian Stage Company's theatrical adaptation of STEPHEN KING'S MISERY.
James has released three other albums under his independent ZIRCO CIRCUS label.

In 2011 Fisher completed the soundtrack to the horror/thriller KENNEYVILLE for Robanzo Films.

He currently plays live Circus Beats with the black-light mask spectacle SQUID LID for which he composes the dark electro-pop melodies,
constructs the growing collection of glowing masks, and brands the look of the band with his twisted illustrations and graphic sensibilities (www.squidlid.com).

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